Japanese Distributor Visit

Japanese Distributor Visit

Japanese Distributor Visit – November 2016

In November 2016 we visited our newest distributor situated in Yokohama Japan, SynergyTech.

SynergyTech is well equipped to offer the advanced Delta steam trap technology to their broad customer base through their well trained and professional staff and high-quality products.

We had the privilege of spending four days with their team, getting to know everyone. We spent time on training to increase their already well-established knowledge base of steam trapping.

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We also had the opportunity of visiting some customers and presenting our company and products to them, including Hitachi and other large companies. There was great interest in Delta steam traps and the customer feedback was immediate.

The hospitality of the SynergyTech team was incredible and we were treated to the wonderful tastes and sites of Japan too. At Delta Steam Systems, we pride ourselves on our close relationships we have with our distributors and we enjoy the camaraderie that it creates. SynergyTech are certainly partners that feel the same way about this too.

Tour of Japan DSS in Japan

We cannot wait to go back to Japan…


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